Trakrite Wheel Alignment Gauge

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G4008 – Trakrite Wheel Alignment Gauge
PDF – G4008 PIS
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Trakrite is the simplest, most accurate device for checking the wheel alignment of cars, light commercial and vintage vehicles. Properly aligned wheels improve a car’s handling, safety and fuel economy and reduce tyre wear. Trakrite makes it is easy to check wheel tracking. Simply drive slowly over the ramp, with the wheels in their straight ahead position and the roller mounted top plate will move to show any toe in or toe out issues. The dial indicator is easy to read and clearly shows the degree of any misalignment. Tracking angles can also be modified to obtain a specific handling characteristic, which can be useful for motorsport and off-road applications. An essential tool for simple and accurate wheel alignment checks and maintenance. Suitable for the professional user, fleet operator or private motorist.

Checks the alignment of steering wheels on cars & light commercial vehicles.
Easy and simple to operate with no technical knowledge needed.
Tests accuracy in only 5 minutes.
A roller bearing platform over which one front wheel is slowly driven with the wheels in their straight ahead position.
Can be used to track both front drive wheels & rear wheels.

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Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 30 × 50 × 5 cm

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