Roller Tip Rocker Kit 1.5:1 Less Spacers



Roller Tip Rocker Kit 1.5:1, Hi-Lift for 1275cc. Less Spacers # CAEG392 Kit Required

The ultimate lightweight alloy valve gear giving maximum efficiency cutting down side loading on valve stem, reducing friction and wear whilst increasing rigidity. The 1.5 hi-lift keeps valves open approximately 20% more at any given point, although opening and closing periods remain the same, and vastly improves volumetric efficiency and therefore power output. The alloy rockers have hard chrome roller tips and original bronze bushes for a competition thick-wall Mini shaft, standard adjuster screws and nuts are also employed. These combine in a high quality yet economical roller rocker set, as the roller tip is the most important factor to reduce valve and guide wear when using modern performance cams.

The set comes with 8 rockers, adjuster screws and nuts, competition thick-wall shaft and steel pedestals. We advise using spacer kit # CAEG392

These extra high-spec alloy Purple rockers were introduced in 1998 to give push rods a better clearance on A Plus heads. Pre 1998 blue type pre are not interchangeable.

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Weight 7 kg
Dimensions 40 × 15 × 15 cm

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