Colour Tune, Adaptor Kit, 14mm, Long Reach

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A 14mm to 14mm long reach adaptor that extends the depth of the standard connectors supplied with the Colortune and Hi-Gauge compression testers. This adapter is used in engines with restricted access in the cylinder head, a full length plug also prevents the internal spark plug thread from being exposed to any carbon build up when using Colortune. Set includes a soft copper washer to ensure a good seam to engine fit.

Adaptor for Hi-Gauge Compression Tester, Part No. G4101 & Colortune, Part No. G4074.
Thread size: 14mm to 14mm long reach (length 18mm).
Suitable for most modern & classic cars.
Kit contains: 14mm to 14mm long reach adaptor, gas seal washer & hex key.
Other adaptors available, Part Nos. G4055A (10mm), G4055B (12mm), G4055C (14mm tapered seat), G4055E (18mm).

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Dimensions 10 × 10 × 5 cm

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